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Elysian by Charles Darius

UK - Malaysia

WorldWide Industries


Bern Unlimited

After being chosen by the French Government to ​represent French design and innovation globally, ​we created this compelling film to be showcased ​in various museums and French embassies ​around the world, including in the UAE, India, and ​South Korea. This film showcases the iconic ​Elysian ping-pong table created by Charles Darius ​himself.

To effectively communicate their groundbreaking ​water purification technology, we were ​commissioned to create an engaging and ​comprehensive film. Our goal was to simplify the ​complex process for a general audience while ​highlighting the innovative aspects of the solution. ​The project involved advanced 3D modeling and ​animation, stunning visual effects (VFX), ​professional voice-over narration, and a ​compelling musical score, resulting in a ​captivating and informative presentation.

At the request of Bern Unlimited’s President, we ​produced a captivating series of films that ​showcase the diverse range of helmet styles ​offered by the brand. This project required the ​development of custom rigs, the implementation ​of automated camera sliding tracks, professional ​voice-over narration, precise color grading, and ​expert compositing, among other advanced ​techniques. The result is a visually stunning and ​comprehensive portrayal of Bern Unlimited’s ​helmet collection.



SEED INCIDENT is a new Video Gaming company ​offering Web3 Technologies offering a new kind of ​advertising engagement and community building ​for Brands and Announcers looking to establish ​themselves into the next generation of


Giving Back

Giving Back is a Swiss based foundation ​established working in concert with the Video ​Game company SEED INCIDENT; Giving Back has ​for purpose to source, screen, and fund projects ​with social and/or environmental goals around the ​world, while establishing a blockchained based ​funding process to allow full transparency and ​accountability of everyone involved.



Ateliersavant has been hired to create a new ​electric Motorcycle company company and bike ​from positioning, engineering, design and ​manufacturing sourcing ... more info soon!


The House of Marley

The House of Marley is a success story we are ​proud to have contributed to.

We witnessed the brand’s journey from its ​inception to its emergence as a global lifestyle ​brand, renowned for its strong social and ​environmental commitment & innovative design ​approach to Consumer Electronic Goods. Created ​in collaboration with the Marley family and the ​HOMEDICS Group, The House of Marley embodies ​a unique blend of quality, sustainability, and ​cultural heritage.



Monarch is a testament to our collaboration with ​the Mexican giant, the Master Choice Group. After ​being tasked with redefining their brand strategies ​and product collections for their Master and ​Perfect Choice brands, as well as establishing ​their signature concept stores—starting with the ​first of its kind in Guadalajara—Ateliersavant ​created a new lifestyle brand. This brand, targeted ​at the USA and the more privileged audiences of ​Mexico and South America, evolved into what is ​now known as Monarch.


The Kase

The KASE Worldwide, boasting over 95 premium ​locations in key markets such as France, ​Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, and the ​USA, entrusted us with creating a comprehensive ​product collection, including customizable on-​demand items for their retail and online stores. In ​less than eight months, we designed and ​developed eight product categories, ranging from ​smart timepieces, headphones, and iPhone cases ​to bags, multi-device docking stations, and more.



Basically tons of Nike fashion/vintage/sports ​frames led by our own Eyewear Master Gamal ​Prather.


DFC Industry

Introducing NERO, a revolutionary tracked vehicle ​designed for vineyard operations, proudly 100% ​made in the Champagne region of France. DFC ​Industry commissioned us to design, develop, ​advertize this innovative solution to penetrate this ​growing and competitive segment. NERO is set to ​make its market debut in September 2024.


American Airlines | Air Canada

On behalf of Wessco International, a Los Angeles-​based company specializing in airline-focused ​product development, Ateliersavant was tasked ​with designing the flight experience for some of ​the world’s most renowned airlines, including ​American Airlines and Air Canada.



Business, Brand, Products, Distribution...

Developing integrated strategies that cover ​business models, brand identity, product ​development, and distribution channels we ​ensure businesses are viable, distinct, and ​effectively meet market needs. Through an ​holistic approach, Ateliersavant empowers ​businesses to navigate complexities and ​achieve long-term prosperity.

Global Design

Industrial, Automotive, Graphics ...

It plays a pivotal role in creating products and ​experiences that resonate across diverse ​cultures and markets. Global design involves ​the strategic and thoughtful creation of ​solutions that are not only aesthetically ​pleasing but also functionally relevant and ​culturally sensitive on an international scale.

Research & Development, Sourcing

We create new IPs for you

R&D stands as a cornerstone for innovation ​and progress. By investing in R&D, businesses ​can uncover new opportunities, stay ahead of ​market trends, and respond effectively to ​consumer needs. Ultimately, a robust R&D ​strategy is essential for sustaining growth, ​maintaining relevance, and achieving long-term ​success in an increasingly competitive global ​market.


Film, Animation, Photoshoot

Effective advertising captures attention, ​creates emotional connections, and influences ​consumer behavior.

Advertising has become an indispensable for ​businesses seeking to grow their customer ​base, enhance brand recognition, and achieve ​long-term success in a crowded marketplace.


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A Design Thinking expert, Charles Darius has ​extensive entrepreneurial background that has ​taken him around the globe and into numerous ​industries (Mass consumer goods, Fashion, A.I., ​Defense, Quantum Physics, Sustainable Energy, ​Environmental tech, the Champagne Industry …).

Charles Darius is among the selected few by the ​French Government to represent the French Design ​& Innovation around the world.


A creative think tank founded in 2012, blending ​expertise from diverse fields such as design, ​science, engineering, business, and advertising. ​We revolutionize industry models by starting every ​project with an in-depth analysis of our clients’ ​business paradigms, ensuring feasible and ​strategic solutions. Our global presence includes ​locations in the US, Europe, Bali, and Japan.

Beyond consultancy, we have created our own ​successful brands and products, gaining ​invaluable insights.

Ateliersavant is dedicated to solving complex ​problems, generating revenue, and building brand ​equity with innovative and cohesive strategies.

Exhibitions, ​Interviews,


Editorials ...

Over time, Ateliersavant & Charles ​Darius have been selected to epitomize ​the pinnacle of Design & Innovation ​globally. Additionally, we have been ​invited to share our expertise as industry ​leaders through various interviews and ​press engagements.


Representing France, in the category of interactive Design

La Biennale de Design de St Etienne

La Géode - Paris

Le musée DASSAULT - Paris HQ

Introducing METIS: A Bionic Prosthesis and the accompanying essay, ​“Enhancing the Human Condition: Exploring the Intersection of ​Transhumanism and Anthropotechnic Sciences.”

Art de Vivre Exhibition Dubaï, U.A.E.

Art de Vivre Exhibition New Delhi, India

Art de Vivre Exhibition Seoul, South Korea

Representing France, in the category of Art de Vivre & Luxury Goods

France 2, Excelsior, Microsoft Magazine, Yanko Design, L’Union ...

Discover our Own ​Fashion Brand ​Charles Darius® - ​Paris

So we would have even more understanding of our Client’s ​work, we created Charles Darius®Paris, a multifaceted Art & ​Fashion House that transcends fleeting trends and seasonal ​norms.


Une Pensée en Rêve | A Dream-Like Thought

At the core is our profound commitment to forging an emotional connection between each ​creation and its audience. Drawing inspiration from his Franco-Persian heritage, Charles ​Darius merges cultural richness with a minimalist aesthetic that celebrates the understated ​beauty found in nature.

The result is a collection of timeless artifacts, each imbued with a sense of permanence ​and universal appeal.

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